Thursday, September 25, 2008

What to sew next?

I've been sleeping a lot over the last couple of days - 18 hours yesterday and then another 13 today. I'm not sure why; my best guess would be that it's because my friend died and I'm a little depressed. Tomorrow morning is the funeral and I hope to get some closure then.

I am hoping to do some more sewing. I'm waffling a bit on what to sew. I have some gorgeous kaufman cherries corduroy - it's as light as dress fabric but drapes well and doesn't wrinkle. I also have the menswear-type fabrics that drape well. A couple of them have some stretch to them and I'd like to use those for sheath-type dresses, maybe. I'm also thinking about shirtdresses... but I'm not sure. I have patterns that are similar to the last dress I made and I'm sort of thinking about those, too.

Hopefully I'll be able to make a decision about what to sew next soon. I'm itching to make something - maybe I have too much to choose from?

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Anonymous said...

I was also taken with the concept of Aftermath as I had seen something very similar a while ago. So I bought a book by Alan Weisman called The World Without Us. It's next on my reading list but I should be done so you can borrow it next time you come.
Love, Mom