Thursday, April 24, 2008

An appointment day

The core biopsy I had this afternoon was quite uneventful. I told my surgeon, who did the biopsy, that I needed extra local freezing. He gave me an extra shot without even blinking, which I liked - some doctors argue about that, but he didn't. I asked him how many samples he was going to take and he told me that he'd take as many as he wanted :) He ended up taking eight samples.

After that I saw my family doctor and we're going to change my pain medications once again. I'm to up my fentanyl to 125 from 100 and see if I can drop my oxycontin. I hope I can :) I see my doctor for follow-up in about a month.

And what's a day of appointments without a little shopping? :) I'm currently obsessed with the idea of making myself a shirtwaist dress (shirt dress), with buttons down part or all of the front. I love the 50s styles like that but the retro styles in the pattern books usually have a big full skirt which is not so attractive on me (it makes me look shorter than I am). I found a couple of patterns that I can use to make the dress I see in my head, and I also found some other dress patterns.

I did buy fabric but only one length; it's cotton with stylized flowers on it. And I helped two different people find what they were looking for - one was a mom with her daughter and the other a grandma with her granddaughter. It was fun helping them figure stuff out :)

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