Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few appointments

I saw the oral surgeon today. He basically said that he didn't think that there was anything wrong but of course he didn't have the previous xrays to compare. My dentist dropped off the comparison films and the surgeon did see a small change. Because of this and my history he's going to send me for a CT scan just to be sure that there's nothing going on.

He said that most osteonecrosis shows up as exposed bone in the mouth. (Umm, yes. We are hoping that if it's this, we have caught it early - looong before the bone starts showing through my gums.) He said that it's possible that the lower teeth have shifted from the previous orthodontic work, and that the roots of those teeth did appear shorter than the other teeth but again that this was probably from the orthodontic work as well.

So he's not worried and doesn't want me to worry because all of this is most likely nothing. But it is good to be thorough.

Oh, I also had my port checked - the doctor was able to get a good blood draw and it didn't hurt when he accessed the port. I wish the nurses were as good as that doctor was :)

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