Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall fashion trends, 2008

As usual, I've spent some time looking through fashion magazines to find out what's in style these days for women. It is one of my favourite activities :)
  • Much more somber in tone for daytime, probably related to the coming recession
  • Definitely 40s-inspired but with some 60s touches as well, probably due to Mad Men
  • Colours are muted; interest comes from layering plus architectural details and textures
  • Lots of menswear-inspired shapes and fabrics for women
  • Architectural shapes, origami, ruching, pleating
  • Lace and frills soften the menswear-type fabrics and clothes
  • Brighter colours including aubergine and other purples, teal blues, and burgundies, and reds for accessories
  • Mid-40s silhouette with larger shoulders, nipped-in waist, slim hips plus a hint of the 80s (which borrowed from the 40s anyways)
  • Dresses haven't left us; they're still everywhere. Skirts and blouses are popular, too
  • Focus is at the waist and the waist is covered by clothes
  • Pants, both wide legs and skinny legs
  • Skirts, especially pencil skirts but also pleated and gathered fuller, longer skirts
  • High-waisted and at-the-waist skirts and pants
  • Smooth waists; fabric skims the waist to show it off
  • Vests and weskits
  • Blouses with soft fabrics with ruffles, lace, frills, and other architectural shapes
  • Dresses in many silhouettes, but mainly that skim the body
  • Sweater dresses
  • Cardigans
  • Blazers
  • Structured coats
  • Leggings, knee-highs, and patterned tights
  • Sparkle for evening ONLY - sparkle and rhinestones are out for daytime
Fabrics and patterns:
  • Laces
  • Corduroy
  • Knits
  • All menswear fabrics/patterns: flannel, glen plaid, houndstooth, windowpane, herringbone, argyle, tattersall. Some playing with scale to get BIG patterns
  • Plaid, plaid, plaid, plaid, plaid!!!! Everywhere - every kind of plaid or tartan is out there. Yay!!
  • Checks of all sizes
  • Animal prints
  • Florals
  • Silky, drapable blouse fabrics add femininity to clothing
  • Black, grey, white, silver
  • Metallics for evening
  • Browns, tans, earth tones
  • Muted colours
  • Deep, luscious plums, purples, burgundies, teals
  • "Booties" or "shoeties" are still around: stiletto heels with brogue, wingtip, or oxford shoes. Some of these have peep-toes and they're supposed to be worn with tights. Peep-toes in winter? Silly fashion.
  • Lots of high stiletto heels
  • Pointed toes in the almond shape
  • Patent leather
  • Mary-janes
  • Some flats and ballerina slippers
  • Flat boots still around but not as prevalent
  • Not as many platforms except in model shoots
  • Structured carry-all top-handle bags
  • Chunky gems (fake is ok) for necklaces and cuffs
  • Cuffs seem to be replacing bracelets - things on the wrist are kind of big
  • Non-gem pieces like earrings are smaller
Hair and makeup:
  • Simple shapes for hair
  • Foundation and lipstick are more natural colours
  • Some lipsticks are bright reds or berry stains
  • Eyebrows are not thin or overplucked
  • Smokey eyes are done in colours other than black/grey so they look less harsh
I think that's it :) Happy shopping, everyone!

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