Saturday, September 13, 2008

Movies and more movies

At our last game night we borrowed a movie from the host and last night we finally got a chance to watch it. The movie is Black Sheep and it's a New Zealand horror movie with were-sheep. There are funny bits and gory bits and ludicrous bits (sheep that eat meat is ludicrous all by itself!) and overall, I'd say it's a pretty good movie. It's got something for almost everyone: for those that like childish humour, there's lots of flatulence that's integral to the story. If you like this kind of film and you get a chance to see it, then you should sit down to watch it.

We also watched Suspiria, a classic 1977 horror movie by Dario Argento. The film itself would have been quite scary and gory back in the day, especially if you saw it on a movie screen, but with today's special effects advances it looks a little dated. The acting could probably have been better, and the fact that the movie was apparently shot in english and then re-dubbed doesn't help. In spite of all that, it's still a fairly compelling movie. The soundtrack creates a lot of suspense, but then so does the lighting and colours. All things considered, this is a very good horror movie and if you like them then you should definitely take the time to watch this one.

Suspiria is apparently going to be re-made in the next few years. If it actually is made and released, it could be very good. Or, like many other remakes, it could be awful. I'm hoping for the former.

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