Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The fun never ends

My dentist called me today to let me know that she is sending one xray to a root canal specialist and sending the rest of the xrays to the oral surgeon. This is because the right side of my face has been aching and we don't know why - it could be that one of my teeth needs a root canal, or it could be referred pain from the less-dense area on that side of my lower jaw, or something else. So my dentist has decided to explore the idea that I might need a root canal at the same time as sending me to the oral surgeon. I'm good with that.

My dentist also asked me if I had any numbness at the sites where the xray showed loss of density and yes, the one on my chin in numb. The one on my right lower jaw isn't numb but of course I have the aching on that side all the way up to my eyes.

My dentist did assure me that yesterday's panoramic xray was within the bounds of normal, which is great. But it's different than the xray taken last year and that's the concern. She agrees that if there's anything going on, at least we'll be catching it early.

Because I didn't have my Pamidronate today (they've been canceled until we figure out what's going on, the home care nurse came to flush my port. It has to be done every four to six weeks so that the port doesn't clog up. My  port is over to the side because I didn't want it to show and apparently my homecare nurse has never seen a port put where mine is located.

Nurses usually have trouble getting the needle into my port and the homecare nurse was no exception. After two tried, she had to call for help. During the conversation, she told that person that the port was over my right breast and that I was very well-endowed so it was hard to stabilize the port. I don't usually think of myself as well-endowed but it's nice that someone thinks so, even if it was just the nurse.

Anyways, the other nurse came and between the two of them, they were able to access and flush my port. The only problem was that they didn't get any blood return; just as the port can be used to inject fluids into my bloodstream, it can also be used to draw blood. And because of that, I'm going to need to get the port checked. The homecare nurses will call the nurse at the hospital tomorrow and figure out what to do.

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