Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some test results

Unsurprisingly, the fine needle biopsy results are negative - there's no cancer there. That's good, of course, but I wonder how many more of these tests I'll be having. I also found out that the CT scan for my jaw will be on October 16. It's not urgent and those take about a month to schedule.

On the bright side, some mets people on one of my online support groups are getting together in Westport, CT for a few days in November. I'm going to go with them and have booked my ticket (I get to fly out of Waterloo!). I'm looking forward to meeting them in person instead of just online.

Recently, on that board, someone was caught lying about some serious stuff - like, that they had lost a son in one of the recent hurricanes. The person had been posting sporadically for about a year and people had sent her gifts and stuff. Some suggested that the person was deliberately misleading people. My guess is that the person has a serious mental illness because her posts were inconsistent.

Meeting people in person is a good idea :)

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