Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little shopping

Remember I was working on that vintage pattern and I finally finished the dress? I wore the dress today and we got a picture of it.

Here's the pattern and the dress:

I think that it turned out ok. I don't look as thin as the pictures but I think that the dress looks pretty good, all things considered and I'm quite pleased with it.

There was a bead show in Toronto today and I went. I haven't had the "pleasure" of driving in downtown Toronto for a while. I didn't know that the Gardiner was closed or that there was a baseball game this afternoon, both of which made the drive in and out that much more difficult.

I managed to buy the most beautiful faceted pink and purple gem-quality amethyst teardrops (don't worry, I got a very good price!) as well as some gorgeous labradorite onion-cut briolettes with flash on almost every stone. And I got the rose quartz and amethyst faceted round stones that I'd been looking for. Not only that, I got some beautiful onion-cut iolite briolettes. I can hardly wait to play with them!

I'm finding that I'm much more selective in what beads I'll buy these days. Before I'd buy a strand of beads as long as they were the rightish colour and shape but now I check the strands very carefully to make sure that the beads look the best possible. This isn't possible when buying off of the internet but in-person, at least, I can get some quality stuff.


Anonymous said...

I love you dress! I think it's much prettier than the picture :) You've done an amazing job on a difficult pattern.
Love, Mom

Robin said...

Beautiful dress - you are so talented! It flatters your shape and coloring very well :) And don't worry, nobody can be as thin as those pictures and still be healthy.
Love you,

manchester fat acceptance said...

Wow - you look so beautiful in that dress! I agree that you look much better than the silly pictures on the pattern envelope! The dress looks very hard to make, but the result is clearly worth it. And the colour is amazing!

Some of the stones you got are my fave kinds too. Kevin once bought me an iolite ring - the colour is unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!! I love that style!