Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun hobby day

I've been working on a pair of earrings for someone and I finished them today. They're here . I thought they were gorgeous! I used the pink amethyst stones I bought at the show the other weekend. I can't wait to use some of the other stones that I bought. Right now, I keep picking them up and playing at them, looking at them in the light, and looking at the facets and the shine and the colours.

I've started work on another dress in a plaid - I thought it was a brown and black plaid but it's got navy blue and forest green in there, too. I'm using a pattern I'd sort of used before - it's a vintage reproduction pattern. So it was an actual pattern issued in the 60s but it's been updated with current sizing and (possibly) construction. I hope this doesn't take too long as I want to start work on a new pattern - I think it'll work in the corduroy I have. It's got tabs under the collar and in the center back that I think might look good in a red contrast (like, say, the red contrast I used on the last dress ). We'll see.


manchester fat acceptance said...

ooooooh pretty earrings! i love the colours together!

Robin said...

:):) I always see pale colors and think of you, beautiful job :)

I was making a list for Vicki and thought "what would I say about Chantelle?"

Here's what I came up with:

...has the ability to put jewelry together in ways I would never have imagined
...has the amazing ability to alter patterns to her figure
...shares my sense of humor
...has strength of character that I admire the best Scrabble player I've ever met
...has remarkable blue eyes
...has huge brain power