Friday, September 05, 2008

Errands on a rainy Friday

The building where the breast screening program is located is gorgeous. It's got a great lawn and little gazebo things and stairs and flowers and it smells nice - it had just rained and it smelled like flowers and trees and not pollution. Apparently the building houses people in long-term care, and has a psychiatric long-term care facility, among others. If I had to be put away for psychatric reasons, that would be a good place to be - it's peaceful there.

The mammogram was uneventful. Because we're looking at a particular area, the technician took an extra film of that breast. She also took an extra film of the other breast because she couldn't get a good view with the normal films due to the port on that side. The films are all digital so it didn't take long for her to check them. My oncologist should have results in a week.

Remember I was talking about one of my teeth having shifted? I've been obsessively looking at my teeth and two others seem to be shifting as well. One is the lower incisor (I think) and the other is a back molar. So that's three teeth that have moved. I can also wiggle all three teeth ever so slightly, or at least more than any of the teeth that haven't changed. There is pain when I bite down on the two front teeth and my jaw aches when I bite down on the back tooth. I've had these symptoms for a few weeks and it's only recently that I've been putting them together.

My dentist is out of the office for another week and I'm not sure whether I should be trying to get in to see another dentist before mine gets back. On the one hand, I'm a bit worried because loose teeth (especially when there's any kind of pain) are bad, but on the other, I'd rather see my own dentist. I'd be willing to see Ian's dentist because he knows of the problems with bisphosphonates - but is this enough of an emergency to go to Mississauga? I don't know.

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