Sunday, September 07, 2008

On to something new

I finished the dress today :) I haven't got pictures of it yet but I hope to have some soon. Now I need another project. I'd wanted to do a dress but it's getting cold and a summer-type dress isn't all that practical just now. Plus I wouldn't be able to use my new fall fabrics :) I was trying to decide what to make, and I'm torn. I think I'll start with pants. I don't have any vintage pants patterns, and I haven't bought any pants patterns, but I have some  in my Burda magazines. I was looking through them today and there are a couple that would work. I want one that doesn't quite go up to my waist and has slimming features - or at least no features that make me look bigger.

Remember the purse I made? The hand-beaded one? I'm going to put it up for sale again. However, before I do, I'm going to replace the lining, zipper, and handle. I've never been happy with the zipper and if I'm taking them apart I may as well take the handle apart as well. So for all of you that didn't love the handle, well, it's going to change.:) I'll have pictures up for you when it's done.

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