Thursday, September 11, 2008

More sleep, less awake

Remember when I said that I was getting up early every day and not napping? I should stop saying that. As soon as I do, it's like I jinx myself and I end up sleeping for days. Which is what's happened over the last few days (and is why there was no blog entry yesterday). I've been very tired lately and I've been napping. Yesterday I got up and had lunch with some friends; when I got home, I crashed, sleeping until 8pm. I went to bed at midnight and then got up at noon today and could have slept into the afternoon.

I went to the visitation for my friend tonight - I drove another friend who isn't very mobile who had also known this friend. I talked to my late friend's husband and apparently she had done a *lot* of traveling all over the place just before she died. She felt worse and worse while traveling and had pains in her liver and was swollen on her abdomen and down her leg. And then she went into the hospital and died. I guess that's how someone could die so suddenly - in this case, maybe it wasn't quite so sudden. At least she was able to do everything that she wanted to do.

On another subject: my teeth hurt. Blah. I wish they'd stop aching, or that there was an effective painkiller for the pain. I'll try Tylenol tonight and see if it works.

Tomorrow: my fall fashion forecast.

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