Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The heat continues

It's still really, really hot - apparently there are all sorts of records that are being broken these days. I read that it's like this all over the place, not just in Southern Ontario, although I'm not sure a lot of the other places have the same kind of oppressive humidity we have. It's like breathing thick, soupy air. I think that the heat is supposed to break tomorrow, at least.

We went over to a friend's house and played Bohnanza (we really like that game because it's so simple), Blokus, and Taboo. I really like Blokus - it's only real flaw is that it has red tiles and green tiles, so someone who is red-green colour-blind couldn't play the four-player version. Like Bohnanza, it's a really simple game whose instructions take almost no time to describe but that can still be quite challenging. The other nice thing about playing games is that we were in air-conditioned comfort all evening :)

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