Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot summer days

It was so hot and sticky today that I did next to nothing. Even now, at 10:30pm, it's 23C out with a humidex value of 41C. That's really hot - and tomorrow is supposed to be worse :( At one point, we got out of the air-conditioned car and both of our glasses fogged up - that's never happened to me before in the summer.

So I guess NBC only aired the first two episodes of Project Runway, probably because of the tie-in with the Miss Universe pageant. Now I really do have to wait until the fall to see the whole season. I was hoping that they would show the whole season. Oh well.

I got the long-term disability forms in the mail today. Those look like less fun to fill out than the other forms. There's a possibility that they'll deny this claim because it arises from a pre-existing condition (although I wasn't absent from work for the 3 months prior to the surgery, which means that according to the benefit terms, they shouldn't use the pre-existing condition to deny it... but this is one thing that I worry about anyways). They want a copy of my resume with the form, which is probably useful when evaluating new work arrangements ("the return to work is an essential part of your treatment plan"), but less useful in this case, I'd think.

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