Friday, August 25, 2006

Beautiful Simcoe

Since we're paddling in Port Dover tomorrow (most likely in the rain) and since we're lazy and didn't feel like driving down there tomorrow morning, we decided to spend the night in Simcoe, ON. It's a cute small Ontario town.

We spent the first hour or so looking for somewhere to eat. Our first choice was closed down, as apparently the lease expired. We went downtown and parked in a not-so-good area (the strip club was about half a block away) and walked around. One place claimed to be "good food", but we couldn't tell what kind of food they served. And anyway - how can we be sure it really does have good food? Their saying so doesn't make it so :)

Most of the other places looked like pubs that happened to serve food. Many had people standing around outside smoking - since Ontario's no-smoking-in-workplaces law came into effect, that's a more familiar sight - and we decided that we didn't want to eat food in a place like that. The only other place we considered had a decent menu (it was a Thai place, of sorts), but the perfumy cleaning chemical smell in the lobby made me itch and put us both off. So we ended up at Kelsey's, which while not great is at least familiar.

I'm not especially looking forward to the event tomorrow. It's starting later than most events. They don't want to finish too early since they have a fish fry at 6:30pm and they want people to stick around. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, though, and there's a possibility of thundershowers. If thundershowers do appear, the event will be delayed or possibly cancelled.

And remember how I said that we had extra people at the event, so I could probably sit out one of the races? Ummm, I guess our captain decided to have those extra people not come with us, so I probably won't get to sit out. At least I'll be on the left (albeit in stroke position). My hope is just to get through the day tomorrow.

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