Sunday, August 20, 2006

Paddling aftermath

Hmmmmm, maybe paddling in an event isn't the best idea ever. I had a lot of pain last night that prevented me from sleeping (I ended up having to break out the Percocet, which is something I really don't like doing). I also had quite a bit of pain today. It's really hard to get the pain under control once it's broken away from the painkillers. I'm starting to get the pain back under wraps now, though.

The team is going to Port Dover next weekend. I'm still going to go and paddle - even though the pain was bad, I'm not yet willing to give up the things I enjoy doing. I think we have extra people going to the event, though, and so I should be able to sit out one of the races. That will help a lot. Also, I suspect I'll be paddling on the left (I was on the right this weekend), so it may be that I don't get as much pain then. Paddling is a very asymmetrical motion that uses different muscles on each side of the body depending on which side of the boat you're on.

Given all that pain, we took it easy today. We watched all of the reality shows that we'd recorded while Ian was away. So now we know who won Hell's Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance, and we know who was eliminated on Rock Star: Supernova.

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