Sunday, August 06, 2006

Traveling day

Ian's brother was in Mississauga for a wedding, and so we went to their parent's house for dinner tonight. We got to meet Ian's brother's girlfriend; she's very nice. Dinner was very yummy :)

After dinner and dessert, we drove up to a cottage where we'll be staying off and on for the week. It's just southeast of Barrie, ON. Since it was dark out, the drive was less fun than you might imagine - the highway was still packed with cars. Once we got off the highway and into the country, the road was of course a bit narrower. Some light fog rolled in as well, and many people in the oncoming lane were slow to turn their high-beams off. However, we made it here safe and sound. The cottage is quite nice and spacious. There appears to be a large deck outside overlooking the water, but since it's dark we haven't really explored that part :) This cottage is quite a change from the previous one - it's got wireless internet access and everything, so we'll be well connected while we're here. it'll be just like home, but with more space, more company, and a better view :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect place! The wireless gives you access but you can still be by yourselves at will!

Aunt Margaret