Saturday, August 26, 2006

Port Dover followed by buskers

The Silvermasters placed 8th out of 19 teams at Port Dover today. It didn't rain!!! It wasn't too hot, although it was a little humid. Still, we were all grateful not to be soaked all day.

Things I liked about the festival:
  • People were friendly.
  • It was fun.
  • The bands were pretty good.
  • Many people like the fish fry that they have in the evening.
  • They ran mostly on time.
  • The results and placements were available really quickly.
  • There were lots of portalets with hand washing stations.
Things I didn't like:
  • There was an issue with the garbages. The organizers said that since the park was the responsibility of the Lion's club, they were the ones to put out garbages. And that's supposed to excuse the fact that they didn't have garbages by the portalet banks? Or that the garbages, once they arrived, were never emptied? It's wasp season, and full garbages attract a lot of wasps.
  • The lanes were completely biased and the timing wasn't particularly accurate.
  • The drinking on our team bothered me today. Many people on our team were camping there tonight, even though it's supposed to pour down rain. Therefore, they drank all day. Some drank some kind of kool-aid/vodka mix, some drank homebrew beer, and one or two actually drank from the beer tent. Those drinking the kool-aid/vodka mix were drinking pretty steadily and heavily all day. I get that people like to drink, and that a beer or two during a sporting activity day is fun for some people - I just disapprove when people are drinking heavily during a physically demanding sporting day on water. After the races finished, one of the team members brought out the jello shooters (she made about 200) and most of the team started in on those. We left at that point.
I liked the event. I think I would go back, but not with our current team.

After we got home we went to the Busker festival again. We saw Flyin' Bob and the Handsome Little Devils. Flyin' Bob was ok. The Handsome Little Devils were awesome!! They did a vaudeville-type act that was fantastic, with great timing and talent. Their club passing was crisp and fast and good. Their fire torch passing while on pogo sticks (which also shot out flames) was cool. Their bowling ball/chainsaw/juggling ball juggle was pretty good, too. This troupe is there tomorrow afternoon, too - for those of you in the Waterloo region, I'd recommend checking them out.

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