Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Appointment today and biopsy tomorrow

I could have had my ovaries removed on Friday, September 1. Of course, given the circumstances, we're going to wait to schedule the surgery until after we get the biopsy results :) The doctor said that he would be able to fit me in within two weeks of those results, and if there wasn't room in the schedule that he would do the surgery after hours. The surgery will be laparoscopic, which means that I'll only have a few small incisions and a shorter recovery time. It'll be day surgery as well, so I'll go home (well, to Mississauga) that day. Yay!

How awesome is all that? I've consistently had this kind of experience with the doctors in Oakville/Mississauga. You can see why, if I'm used to this kind of thing, I feel that the pace at my current oncologist and local hospital is so achingly slow.

Tomorrow they biopsy my sternum. They called today and said that I can expect to spend pretty well all day at the hospital, so I should pack a lunch (they don't serve lunch) and bring all my medications. I guess they will want to monitor me after the actual biopsy to make sure that there are no complications. Plus they'll be giving me a sedative and stuff through the actual biopsy. I'm a bit nervous - I don't like hospitals all that much, and I'm still worried about the pain. Fortunately this will all be over soon. If the pain is bad, well, I'll just get more painkillers. There must be a way to do that by calling the oncologist :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'm so glad to read that things are speeding up!