Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pain settling down

The pain is getting better - or at least, I can pretty well keep it under control with the Tramacet. That's good, because the oncologist can't call in a new prescription; they can only call in refills of existing prescriptions, which makes sense. The nurse associated with my oncologist also said that the oncologist won't see me just for pain. She said that I should go to my family doctor if I have trouble with pain. Unfortunately, he's on vacation this week, although I am seeing him Tuesday. I guess I dropped the ball on this (was it entirely my ball to drop?).

I took the dressing off today, too. There is a line of blisters along the top of the tape. I'm sensitive to adhesives, and they didn't use paper tape, but I've still never seen that kind of reaction before. It and the insicion seem to be healing ok, though. I'll keep an eye on them over the next few days.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad that the pain is subsiding somewhat. I can't begin to imagine what it's like to have chunks of bone taken out of my body but I can't believe it's too comfortable.

I hope you continue to feel better.


Anonymous said...

Wow you must be a fast healer. I'm glad to read that there is already some healing happening!