Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sleep and even more buskers

Looks like my plan yesterday paid off - I slept for 13 hours straight through last night. I'd paddled on the left and I took the maximum amount of Tramacet possible as well (metered throughout the day, of course). The only pain I had and currently have is muscle stiffness from paddling with poor posture :)

So once I finally got up, we went back to the Busker festival again. This time, we saw Sublimit, which is a pair of Japanese acrobats, and Dana & His Performing Dog Lacey. Sublimit was pretty good - their acrobatics were amazing. They were hampered somewhat by the fact that they don't speak much English, but they managed to communicate with the audience nonetheless.

Dana & His Performing Dog Lacey were a bit disappointing. It was definitely a kid's show that unfortunately didn't have much of anything for adults. Lacey was cute in a small scruffy dog sort of way - she jumps through a hoop.

Afterwards, we watched the vaudeville show, which is a show put on by a bunch of performers in the carnival. It was entertaining. The best part was the Handsome Little Devils doing a hat routine. They're very talented, and were probably the best act in the festival this year. The vaudeville show marked the end of the carnival, so we'll have to find something else to do with our time over the next few days :)

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