Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sad news

My former colleague died this morning :( Apparently he had opened his eyes last week and seemed to acknowledge his surroundings, but I guess he wasn't really any better. He was a great person to work with - he was very kind and very generous. He never hesitated to help people when they needed it. Whenever I needed to ask him for help, he was always willing and able to help me. He also had quite a sense of humour. Who can forget the time he and another person sung "Stand By Your Man" to me? Ok, it wasn't the most appropriate thing to do - but it was funny (it wasn't funny the times the other person sang it to me afterwards, but that's another story).

The visitation is tomorrow and the funeral is on Friday. I don't think that I'll go to the visitation, but we'll go to the funeral.

He was only 40. I'm so sad. My thoughts are with his family - he leaves behind a wife and son.

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Anonymous said...

I can't say that I know how you feel as I haven't lost anyone close to me. I can, however, imagine the sorrow that creeps into the depths of your soul and catches you unawares.

May I suggest: mourn the loss of your friend in your own way, using as much time as you need, celebrate the honor of having him in your life for as long as you did, and never forget: now you have an angel whose name you know.

Love always and forever,