Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Support groups

I had my last Tools for Healing group today. Overall, I'd say that it was a good experience. I think I learned a thing or two there, which made it worthwhile. We focused a lot on relaxation and meditation exercises - while I've been exposed to these sorts of things before, I hadn't focused this much on them. I also liked the support group aspect. I would have liked it better if there had been more people that had an advanced cancer or a recurrence (the issues I'm facing are a little different than those faced by someone with a first-time early-stage cancer). However, I think it was still valuable.

I've signed up for another group that'll start on September 12 that's called Spirituality and Healing. It's the follow-up to this session, and I've signed up in large part because I really like the facilitator. She led one of the weeks of the Tools for Healing group, and I very much liked her style.

I've also signed up for the young women's support group. It meets monthly again starting September 20. I like that group because the people are all young and many of them have advanced cancers. There're one or two that have had their ovaries out (which I'll be having done), so I can look to them for help in managing the side effects. Also, they're young, which means that their issues are similar to mine in ways that older people's might not be.

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