Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fall fashion magazines

The September issues of the fashion magazines are out! The September issues showcase the fall fashion trends. The magazines are really thick with lots of ads from a variety of designers. They also have tips on how to wear the latest trends as well as compilations of the trends. I look forward to the September issues all year :)

One thing I'm pleased with is that the magazines have way fewer perfume inserts than they used to. In the five magazines I bought today, there was exactly one perfume insert. That number is way down from years past, when there were three or four per magazine. I'm noticing as well that there are more ads for shoes and jewelry than there used to be. Not that I mind, given that I love shoes as much as I do :)

For those who are interested, the trends this season for women are menswear, dark skinny jeans, leggings, wide slouchy pants, big poufy tops, layering, tartans, glen checks/houndstooth, black and white, dresses, miniskirts, platform shoes, stiletto heeled shoes, skinny boots, and gold everything. There's not a lot that I can really wear this season - big tops over skinny bottoms are not a good look for me (and neither are skinny tops over big bottoms)... and layering just makes me look bigger. Oh well. There will be other seasons.

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