Thursday, November 10, 2011

So much for that party

It seems like my Pampered Chef party is destined not to happen this year. You might remember that my last attempt at holding the party was canceled by my consultant because she had some kind of family emergency going on. We rescheduled for next Monday and she emailed me today to cancel because she's had a death in the family. It was awkward enough telling my guests that the first party was cancelled but to do it twice is a little weird.

Right now the plan is to reschedule for sometime in the New Year but we haven't set a date for it. I'm going to wait to set a date until after Christmas because there's a lot going on before then.

In some ways it's ok that the party was canceled because I wasn't sure I'd have enough people this time around. Not having to worry about getting everything together right now is ok by me, especially since the anniversary of my mom's suicide is coming up in about three weeks. I know that the days leading up to that day and the day itself are going to be hard and need a lot of energy and attention. Therefore it's important that I spend the rest of my energy doing things that I find soothing and that make me happy. Preparing for a party isn't really one of those things.

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