Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Gozer until Thursday

We were surprised and disappointed to discover that Gozer couldn't come home with us today. Worse, we have to wait until Thursday to bring her home - how sad is that?

We started out this morning very excited and nervous - but trying to be calm - about bringing home our new furchild and introducing her to her new home. The adoption center opened at 1pm and at first we tried to call to make sure that Gozer was ready to come home, but since the phone went straight to voice mail we decided to just go there. It was crazy busy with people adopting pets and a whole bunch of kids looking at all the animals - no wonder they didn't answer the phone!

We filled out the paperwork and got all the information we needed to bring her home. We were all set to go and on our way to get Gozer when suddenly the person helping us said, "uh oh". What? She had been looking through Gozer's paperwork and saw, for the first time, a sheet indicating that Gozer was on a second medication that won't be finished until Wednesday night. We'd originally had to wait until today to bring her home because she was on painkillers after her surgery and now we have to wait another four days.

Of course we're sad that she can't come home today. Ian has this week off from work both for curling and to help with the dog (and for playing Skyrim). Thursday night we have tickets to see Rock of Ages and we should have had no problems seeing the show if Gozer had come home today. With her coming home on Thursday, seeing the show might not be possible. If she likes her crate then she'll probably be ok if we went out for a couple of hours because we'll have tired her out by then. Of course it would be better if someone were here with her whether or not she likes her crate but if she doesn't go into her crate on her own, then someone must stay with her. I don't know which will be better: finding someone to sit with her or someone to take our tickets (if we're willing to give them up).

On the bright side, we now have more time to read the books we bought and to learn how to train her. This means I'll be much more confident in dealing with her, which is a good thing. We'll also be able to visit her and bring her the blanket we'll put in her crate so that it makes the transition home easier. Besides, waiting a few days to bring Gozer home won't matter in the long run because she'll be with us for forever. I just wish that she didn't have to stay in the shelter for those four more days.

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