Monday, October 17, 2011

An unexpected bonus

So much for tonight's party! I was a little sad to have to cancel tonight's Pampered Chef party but emergencies don't generally happen at convenient times, do they? I don't know what was going on that caused my consultant to have to cancel tonight but I figure that it must have been serious and urgent. We're going to reschedule the event and she's going to give each of the affected guests a free thing by way of an apology.

Having the evening to myself hasn't been so bad; it's like getting a great, if unexpected, present. I've spent the evening watching tv and surfing the interwebs. TCM is showing classic horror movies each Monday in October so I've been quite happy to sit and watch them. I'm even recording the movies that are airing in the wee hours because I love being able to watch them at other times. Besides, several of tonight's movies star Vincent Price and I don't often get a chance to watch these old classics.

Of course I think of watching horror movie after horror movie as practice for the upcoming Toronto After Dark film festival starting this week. Apparently there will be 19 shows over eight days! I'm so excited! That's a lot of sitting through a lot of movies, however, and I need to be sure that I can pay attention to all of them.

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