Friday, November 18, 2011

Shopping for our dog

I figured that since our soon-to-be furchild is coming home this weekend I should pick up some supplies. I ended up spending about two hours trying to figure out which things she might like and which we need right away. Before doing the shopping, I visited her just to see how she was doing after being spayed on Wednesday. They shaved off all of her fur! I didn't even recognize her when I first saw her. She looked so sad being all furless! Because it's cold out and she's bald all over, I bought a tshirt, fleece thingy, and a sweater for her to wear while walking.

She's healing well from the surgery although she's quite lethargic and slow. She's still on painkillers until Apparently she hadn't responded well to wearing a cone so she wasn't wearing one but fortunately she hasn't been pulling at her incision or anything. When I first sat with her she was all trembly but she relaxed very quickly into my arms while I pet her and talked to her. I think she'll be much more comfortable once she comes home.

I ended up buying a ton of stuff, including the above-mentioned shirts, a couple of different collars, food, treats, a crate, and some toys. Trying to decide what to buy for her was really hard because I've never had a dog and I have no idea what this dog likes. She doesn't play with toys in the shelter and I don't have any idea which toys she might like to play with at home so I just picked a couple basically at random. I don't even know which collars will be best, or which seatbelt contraptions, so I got different kinds of each one. I did buy the same food that she's been eating at the shelter because I don't want to upset her tummy.

We're going to need to buy many more things for our furchild but at least we we have enough stuff to get started and to make her comfortable when she comes home. After she's fully recovered from the surgery we'll be able to take her into the store so that she can pick our her own toys and treats.

I'm looking forward to bringing her home on Sunday. Of course we still don't have a name for her but we're still working on it; right now we're looking at names of flowers as possibilities. One way or another, she'll have a name on Sunday.

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