Saturday, November 05, 2011

At last, some normalcy

Finally, after a whole week of doing as little as possible, I think I'm back to feeling like a normal person. I'm no longer exhausted and wanting to sleep all the time or feeling fuzzy-headed and stupid. I think I also managed to avoid getting sick which I consider a real accomplishment. I was doing so much more than I normally do and I was around so many more people than I usually am. The plane rides alone would have been enough to make me sick!

I did try to eat well, to rest when I could, and to get as much quality sleep as I could. Somehow this managed to work to make me not sick. Unfortunately, Ian doesn't seem to be so lucky. He's coming down with something so he's getting as much rest as possible and drinking lots of fluid - including cranberry tea, which we think of "sick person's tea". I hope that he manages to avoid getting too sick because he's got things to do. Work won't just do itself, apparently.

The one thing we're going to try to do this weekend is to move our weeping mulberry tree. It's over by our neighbour's crooked fence and we've decided to move it to the spot where the topiary birch had been sitting. That location was definitely set up for a tree of some sort and the weeping mulberry will be perfect for that place. Between the two of us (and possibly our neighbour, if he notices we're out there), it shouldn't take too much energy to move the tree. We're spending the rest of the weekend playing video games and relaxing in front of the tv so that Ian doesn't get any sicker..

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