Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some pictures of Gozer

We haven't been able to take any good pictures of Gozer but I managed to get a few cellphone pics of her. Have a look at our little cutie after the jump.

What's over there?

Is she in full Gozerian Destructor form?
No, it's just the flash making her eyes bright green.

Standing on her ottoman, wearing her reflective collar

Curled up on her ottoman

Curled up in a circle on her ottoman

I know these pictures aren't great for many, many reasons but they do give you a sense of her shape and size. One of these days I hope to get a video of her playing because she is absolutely adorable when she plays. She has this hilarious stiff-legged run that I love when she's trying to catch her Kong or a ball. She also "kills" toys in her mouth by quickly shaking her head back and forth and growling. She does give up her toys so we can throw them again.

Speaking of playing, she's weird because often she'll be playing and being a crazy running dog and then suddenly she's finished. I've never seen an animal switch from one state to the other so quickly. Sometimes we can get her to play again by getting excited and rubbing her back and sides but other times she's just finished.

I'm sure you're getting tired of reading all about this dog and I know I sound like a new mom talking about how special and awesome my (fur)child is. Considering we did just adopt a new (fur)child, I may as well consider myself a new mom :) Don't worry, I've got lots of other things to talk about - like reviews of the two live shows I've seen in the last week - and I hope to get to those soon.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

awwwww what a cutie! Gozer looks very content.