Sunday, November 13, 2011

Video game: Skyrim

We'd planned to go and see our soon-to-be furchild and take her for a walk this weekend until we realized that the adoption centre has very limited weekend hours. They'd said that it was likely that other people would want to come and visit with the dog even though we were first on the list. With so few hours for other people and us to visit, we figured that it would be better if we didn't go and see her. I'll go tomorrow for a visit and maybe a short walk.

While we did manage to get some yardwork done today, we actually spent most of the weekend playing video games. Well, Ian played and I watched. He's started playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an role-playing open-world game with magic and dragons and battles and quests and at least 100 hours of gameplay.

It's easy to get lost in playing the game because there's so much to do. There's the main storyline to play as well as tons of smaller side quests and the player can just find things by exploring an area. Add to that all the different character combinations, skill trees, and choices that can be made along the way and you can see that the game can be as complex as the player wants it to be.

The game is visually lovely and filled with lots and lots of details. It's made by the same company as that made the later Fallout games - a series I love - and there are many similarities between the two games even though Skyrim is much more complex than the Fallout games. To be honest, I prefer the Fallout story and world because I like post-apocalyptic settings more than the fantasy settings as in Skyrim. Even so, I'm enjoying watching Ian play the game. That's good because there's a lot more game yet to play!

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