Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day!

We get to bring our furchild home tomorrow! We've decided to name our dog Gozer from Ghostbusters. We know it isn't a perfect name because it doesn't have a hard consonant sound in it but we're happy enough with it. Besides, it's a word that we never say so our cute little Gozer won't get confused when we say her name.

We visited her and took her for a short walk today. She was wearing a cone and was clearly very unhappy with it. She was very good about heeling and slowing her pace while Ian was holding the leash. Unfortunately, she didn't react so well when we saw other dogs. Instead of being nice and maybe trying to meet them, she was fearful and aggressive. The first two times she barked like crazy and tried to go after the dog she saw. It took quite a bit for us to pull her away from those dogs. After that she didn't bark or lunge quite so much and we hope this means that she'll see us as her pack leaders.

We're excited and nervous about bringing Gozer home tomorrow. We've been preparing the house by tidying things up and trying to set things up for her. We set up her crate in the bedroom with an afghan overtop so that it's nice and denlike. The crate looks so big that I worry that I measured wrong and that she'll fit in a smaller crate. If the crate does turn out to be too big, we can always return it and get a smaller one. We've also been trying to read up on how to introduce her to the house and how to train her but there's a lot to remember.

Having a dog is much more complicated than having cats; i hope I'm up for the challenge. I'm definitely looking forward to having a dog around that can keep me company. I'll learn more about how to raise and train a dog over time.

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Robin said...

Sounds like Gozer won't be ready for an off leash dog park for a bit, maybe after some lovin'