Sunday, November 27, 2011

More about Gozer

Life with Gozer is going really well. Because Ian has been curling in a tournament I've had to take care of her on my own and I think it's been good. She appears to be housetrained. She's slowly learning her name although she hasn't yet learned the "sit" command. She does know that the only places she gets treats are where we try to do the sit command and near her crate so after walks she'll run from one place to another trying to get a treat. I don't give in to that, of course. I tell you, she's a pretty smart dog.

She's also doing better on our walks. She is a fast walker and I'm getting a ton of exercise going for twice-daily 45 to 60 minute walks. She doesn't pull too much unless she picks up a scent she likes or sees a dog she wants to meet. When that happens, she strains against the leash and I have to try to calm her down. She's not bad at meeting dogs although she can get a little barky with them.

Her favourite times appear to be cuddle times, and not just because that's the only time she's allowed on the furniture. She loves to go up on the couch and she especially loves to go up onto the bed but the only pieces of furniture she's allowed on are any floor cushions and the ottoman. Cuddle times are when I sit in the swivel rocker chair and she sits on or beside me. She loves to be in physical contact with me (of course I love being in physical contact with her, too) and will sleep (after giving me many doggy kissies) for hours there if I let her. She appears to have learned that she can't just jump up on me and will wait to be invited there. At all other times she's happy to sit on a cushion or the ottoman as long as we're nearby.

The night before last she decided that she didn't want to sleep in her crate and barked and whined most of the night. I sleep with earplugs so it wasn't such a big deal for me but it was quite disruptive for Ian. Fortunately she only whined and barked a bit last night and settled right down after that so we both slept well. This morning she even went in her crate all by herself!

We've tried to take some pictures of her but the light hasn't been good. We'll keep on trying so that you can see what a cutie she is. Everyone who meets her says that she's adorable and of course I agree with them :) She's at her most cute when she's playing with her kong or setting up the blanket in her sleeping area.

Having a dog is definitely a new experience for me and it's one that I'm enjoying even if I am tired from walking and getting up a bit early. She's happy and healthy and is making this place her new home. It'll take a while for me to get used to the new routines with her but I'm looking forward to having her here all the time.

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