Wednesday, November 16, 2011

American Horror Story

We recorded and started watching the series American Horror Story on FX Canada. The series takes place in a haunted house where many, many people have died into which a family with problems has moved. There are ghosts aplenty associated with the house although it isn't always clear which characters are ghosts and which are real.

We've only seen the first three episodes on the series but I'm definitely hooked. The characters are imperfect and multi-faceted like real people, the dialogue is sharp, and there's a spookiness in some scenes that I really like. Some scenes are actually scary while others are just creepy and still others only seem strange after getting additional knowledge. There are times when I can't look away from the screen because whatever is happening there is so compelling.

This is a series that is unlike anything else on tv these days and it's about time that we had something this interesting, creepy, and compelling. I don't know if the series is going to continue to be this good but I hope so, because this is one series that was made for me.

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Robin said...

I love this show too!!