Monday, November 21, 2011

Visit with Gozer

We went to visit with goer again today. She's feeling much, much better than she was; in fact, I'd say that she's back to her pre-surgery self.

We started by taking her for a 35 minute walk along a trail near the humane society. I was some kind of tired after that walk because there were some big hills involved. Gozer, on the other hand, wasn't at all tired - that dog has a ton of energy to spend. Hopefully this means that we'll be able to walk her home on Thursday. Apparently because dogs migrate by walking, it's better to walk them from their old home to their new one so that they know they're going to a new home. We'll need to take a long walk when we get home anyway so that she's tired.

The only thing about walking her home is that the first part of the most direct route has no sidewalks and there's a lot of truck traffic. There's also a pedestrian bridge going over the train tracks that she'd have to cross and we don't know whether or not she can handle the stairs or that bridge. We're going to look for a different, possibly slightly longer, route home that avoids that area.

When we got back, Gozer sat with us really nicely and enjoyed our company. We re-measured her and she really is about 23 or 24 inches long. We also discovered that she's got a weird way of sitting: she puts her two back feet together when sitting. We'd brought her crate blanket with us so that it would pick up her smell and maybe make the transition to our house easier and we were able to rub it along her while talking to her and cuddling.

She's a very curious, inquisitive dog and I think she's smart. I'm not just saying that because she's so cute and she's going to be our dog! She couldn't tear her eyes away from the doberman mommy dog (she had 9 puppies in the shelter that have almost all been adopted) who was being photographed outside our room. She'd seen this other dog as we were coming in and we wouldn't let her go over there; she's been curious about other dogs but not like that. She's also previously been able to figure out how to look behind a roller blind in the rooms if she's looked behind it already.

If she is as inquisitive as I think she is and as smart as I think she is, we're going to need to be sure to provide her with things to do and puzzles to solve or else she'll end up bored and destructive. She also has more energy than we thought she did and she loooves going for walks so I foresee a lot of walking and playing in our future.

Interestingly, the shelter adopted out a whole lot of animals this past weekend. Most of the cats have been adopted, which made me happy (because I do love cats). There are more and more strays coming in, however, which is so sad. I'm happy to be able to take one of their dogs; I just wish we had her home already.

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