Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Reviews tomorrow

I'd planned to review some of the films I saw last week but that's not going to happen today. I'm exhausted after all that traveling and I need some more time to sleep and recover. I'll post reviews of some of the films tomorrow after another good night's sleep. And maybe a short nap.

I did see my psychologist today and we talked about how I was freaking out on Sunday when I realized that my flights were delayed. I realized yesterday that instead of crying, I would have been better off doing a "check-in" or evaluation of my overall physical state to see where I'm holing tension and then doing something to reduce all that tension. That was the point of making a list of things I like to do and that make me happy, after all - but it didn't occur to me to do any of that.

My psychologist said that it was ok to not remember this technique because I remembered it on my own afterwards without any prompting from her. Forgetting that I have these techniques is normal and even expected because they're new to me. Remembering the techniques on my own through self-reflection is part of the learning process. Hopefully the next time I'm feeling frustrated and upset I'll remember that I have these tools in my toolbox.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

glad you are back safely!

i have the same problem with forgetting my tools in moments of crisis. it's definitely excellent that you remembered afterwards. next time i think you will be more likely to remember while you still need the tools.