Friday, November 25, 2011

Gozer is home!

Gozer is home and settling in well to the house. It's been an eventful 24 hours or so since she first walked in through the door!

After we picked her up, we drove to a spot near the house and took her for a very long two hour walk to get rid of some of her energy. We showed her around the house and she managed to relax a bit. She found her crate and went fully in there (with the help of a treat lure) for a peaceful rest. We took that as a sign that she could stay in her crate while we went to the show. She handled being in the crate and being on her own quite well. Of course we took her for walks before and after we went to the show.

She whimpered a bit when we first put her in the crate to sleep but settled down right after that. She only woke up a couple of times in the night to play with her Kong, which she likes. She had a hard time playing with it because she was wearing the cone but she got some enjoyment out of it anyways.

We set out this morning around 9:15am to take her for a bit of a walk and then to see the vet. This vet is really close to us and she's really gentle, friendly, and great with Gozer. Gozer had been on the antibiotic because she had an infection in her uterus which she would have got while she was in heat. Because the uterus filled with fluid, her teats thought it was time to produce milk and now we have to milk her so that she doesn't develop mastitis. Gozer got her booster shots and she'll be getting another one in a couple of weeks for something or other that's transmitted by skunks, squirrels, and raccoons.

After we left the vet's, we ended up walking for about two more hours, exhausting all three of us. I sat in the chair and she slept on me while I dozed. She prefers to be near people but she will sit on her own cushion. We're allowing her to sit on the ottoman but not the couch and not on any other chair without one of us. She'll figure out what the conditions are. She's already figuring out that she's not allowed to jump on people.

I love having Gozer around; she's a cute little doggy and she's quite comfortable here. I'm happy that we brought her home and that she's part of the family.

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so glad to hear Gozer is home and settling in nicely!