Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I did stay up all night and watched yesterday's royal wedding. I slept for part of the day and then I was so tired later that I didn't even get a chance to post about it. I'm not going to post pictures of anything because they're already everywhere and you'd have to be living under a rock to not have seen any of them. If you were living under a rock you wouldn't be reading this, would you? :)

The wedding was amazing. They'd decorated Westminster Abbey with flowers and 20-ft high trees, creating a simple, natural-looking aisle. It was beautiful. Almost all of the female guests wore dresses with matching coats in pale colours and hats to match. Some women, like Victoria Beckham, wore navy or other dark colours but for the most part the ladies were dressed for the spring.

The bride was, of course, gorgeous. Her dress evoked Grace Kelly's wedding dress with its form-fitting bodice, a-line skirt, and waist-length veil. The bodice and long-sleeves were made out of handmade lace over a strapless bodice, and a deep vee neckline was created by the lace. I especially liked the lace, which had rose, thistle, daffodil, and shamrock motifs throughout and was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework. I didn't even know there was such a place! The lace was also appliqued to the skirt, which was pleated and made to look as though it was an opening flower when she walked.

The head bridesmaid, Kate Middleton's sister Philippa, wore an ivory, form-fitting, bias dress with a cowl neckline over a deep vee in front and buttons running down the back. The lace from Kate's dress was also appliqued onto this dress. Both dresses were the same colour which was definitely an unusual choice; most brides don't want their bridesmaids upstaging them on their wedding day by wearing the same colour.

Although the dresses were simple and different in shape, they looked similar enough and evoked a similar "feel", because both came from Alexander McQueen. Philippa's dress was modified from an earlier dress in his collection and Kate's was designed by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen's creative director.

Interestingly, Kate did her own makeup for the wedding. She has a hairdresser, and she had her hair in a half-up, half-down style for the wedding, but her face looked much like it usually does. In this way, she seemed quite down-to-earth. The fact that her family rented out an entire hotel and spent a lot of money on the wedding isn't important, is it? :)

Both Kate and William looked relatively relaxed and comfortable throughout their public appearances. They had genuine smiles and both seemed happy to see people. Contrast this with Diana, who was uncomfortable and overwhelmed when she was married to Charles. Kate Middleton is definitely going to be a good thing for the Royal family.

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