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Academy of Country Music Awards 2011 Red Carpet

Another red carpet post! The 46th Academy of Country Music Awards were held in Las Vegas yesterday and there were quite a few people on the red carpet. Most of them were country singers - which makes sense since this was a country award show - but a few were from movies or television.

Once again, I really enjoy looking at these red carpet fashions because they're being worn by women with more normal, less skinny, bodies. Women also wore a wide variety of outfits on this red carpet, from short, casual dresses to long, floaty, formal dresses.

As usual, I'm only looking at women's outfits. See these fashions for yourself after the jump....

Laura Bell Bundy in Jean Fares Couture
Is the fuzzy embellishment stuff home decorating fringe or is it like that plastic lei decoration stuff? Either way, it looks like it's creeping up from the hem and taking over the dress.

Savannah Berry
Well, isn't baby-doll trapeze dress interesting. I love the striped fabric (I'm a sucker for stripes). This dress sort of looks like it belongs on a child because it's kind of strangely proportioned. Or maybe it's just that I don't like the shoes, because the dress is cute.

Jennette McCurdy in Mandalay
I love that she's showing off her body and her legs because she's so beautiful and has a healthy body. I do wish she'd chosen something more flattering. It isn't just the shoes (which are the wrong colour for her) but the dress itself, which looks like it was shortened through the middle. And the clutch and embellishment together look like some kind of wonky zipper to me.

Sunny Sweeney
The colour is lovely against her skin and hair (although those black stripes in her hair look weird to me... I must be getting old). The style is very bridal, however, and the placement of the embellishment and ruching actually makes her hips look wider than they are.

Jana Kramer
She looks like she's wearing a big, shiny rectangle dress. I think the waist is a bit fitting in which case this would look so much better if she was wearing a belt. In some colour other than white or peach. It's a good thing she's not standing in front of a peach background because all you'd see would be her hair.

Jennifer Nettles in Doo.Ri
That macrame back is much more attractive than the bags or shower curtains of the 70s and 80s. I also love the side cutout things and the fit of the dress on her but the round neckline and wide straps are a bit matronly. Also, why wear plain old black? I know it's an easy colour for most to wear but this dress would look amazing in, say, white or blue or purple or pink or really any colour that looks great on her.

Nancy O'Dell
Her hair matches her dress, except that her hair is less shiny. I love shiny fabric but this is maybe a little too tight and shiny. It has kind of a cheap look to it. 

Meghan Linsey in Ina Soltani
No one has a perfect body but most of us try to look our best in our clothes. That's my roundabout way of saying that this dress is not very flattering on her figure. She appears to have a pear-shaped figure and this dress, with the shine on the outside of the hips, makes her hips look HUGE. The matte effect of the pleating or ruching on the shoulder straps make her shoulders look smaller than they are. The elements of this dress conspire to exaggerate her pear-shaped figure. At least the colour flatters her skintone. Oh, and the 80s called; they want the poufy hair back.

AnnaSophia Robb in Georges Hobeika
SQUEEE! I love this dress. The style is perfect for a young lady at this event: it's a simple dress but the skirt detail elevates it from being boring. The colour is lovely on her. Oh, and I love her shoes.

Bethany Hamilton
Apparently she lost her arm to a shark when she was 13. AnnaSophia Robb will be playing her in an upcoming movie (Soul Surfer). I don't know why she's at this particular event, but that doesn't matter. This simple dress is lovely on her and I love the embellishment at the bust. She looks amazing.

Karen Fairchild
Wait.... am I really seeing broken rows of vertical fringe interspersed with horizontal fringe (like drapery swags)? And is that a fringe block in between the horizontal-ish pleating by the bust? And do I see that she chose shoes that match because the bands look like the fringe on the dress, if you squint just right? Yes, I am seeing all that. I.. don't even know what to say.

Juliane Hough in Randi Rahm
Wowie, this is one sexy dress. She must be taped in because the sides of the bodice appear to be under tension. The wrong move could set her boobs free. I do love the sexiness of the bodice paired with the length and fullness of the skirt. 

Kimberley Schlapman
Oh, my. I like the style of this dress but it's hard to see how cute a dress this is underneath that allover leopard print. Those shoes aren't helping - seriously, a black shoe is needed here. I kind of like her hair because it looks natural.

Sara Evans in BCBGMaxAzria
Is this supposed to look like a shapeless cardigan over a camisole and sequinned miniskirt? This is an award show and it isn't enough to just wear something sequinned or sparkly.

Carrie Underwood in Jean Fares Couture
This is interesting. Most women wouldn't want to emphasize their hips quite this much but since the embellishment somehow goes up into the straps I guess it's ok. I love this colour.

Brooklyn Decker in Victoria Beckham
This seems to be a bit informal for a red carpet. It fits her like a glove (maybe a bit too closely - there's nothing wrong with going up a size) but it's a bit summery and casual for an early April red carpet. Even if the red carpet is in Las Vegas.

Miranda Lambert in Lorena Sarbu
I have no idea why she's leaning this much. Apparently she was the most-nominated performer; maybe she started celebrating early? Either way, I wish the dress fit her boobs a bit better. It almost looks like the back neck is a little wide and long because there's enough fabric for each boob but they're not staying put.

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab
I'm in love with this dress. The embellishment and beading are exquisite and it fits her beautifully. She looks like an ethereal princess.

Emily West in Jessica Maros
Finding a picture of her standing still was difficult; it seemed like she took the fairy godmother look a bit too far with her dancing and twirling and lifting of skirts. The dress is pretty but the full skirt is much too bridal.

Nicole Kidman in L'Wren Scott
Once again, I feel compelled to point out that no matter what your actual size, it's always, always ok to go up a size in your clothes if something is too tight. This is too tight. The wrinkles on the bodice and hips are because the dress is too small.

Wynonna Judd (L) and Naomi Judd (R)
Wynonna's outfit reminds me of Sarah McLachlan's at the Junos. It's a standard outfit for a certain type of female performer and it looks ok. She could do better, though. She's beautiful and there's no reason to hide behind black.
Naomi's dress is sort of bridal-like. I sort of like the bolero, but I don't like the mermaid skirt (which is too short in front) or the colour.

Martina McBride in Pamella Roland
At least the dress isn't puddling all over the red carpet. But whoever hemmed it (and it was hemmed, make no mistake) shortened it too much and unevenly. It almost looks like the dress was hemmed before the belt was added, making the hem look awful. Aside from this major (to me) issue, the dress is a great choice for her. The earrings, not so much.

Hillary Scott in Georges Chakra
I don't love the way the bodice cuts her off at the thigh or the way the accent lines make her bust look weirdly misshapen, but I like the overall look here. The flowy skirt really works for her, as does the fitted bodice. She looks hot and happy!

Marg Helgenberger
I don't know why Catherine from CSI is at this award show. She films in Las Vegas but I don't think that means that she lives there. The dress is ok, if boring but the shoes really don't work style-wise or colour-wise with this dress. i think she knows this because she looks really uncomfortable.

Susie Brown (L) and Danelle Leverett (R) (The Janedear Girls)
Susie's outfit makes me swoon. I love love love love that lipstick-red dress with the bit of pleating on the side and those shoulders. And her hair! Oh, I love her hair! This is a woman who has a style and dresses for it.
Danelle's outfit is less immediately striking but just as beautiful, in its own way. The long sleeve and mini skirt combine to be quite sexy. And I have to say that their shoes match each other's dresses. 

Lee Ann Womack
The poufiness of the skirt and width of the waist band make her midriff look bigger than it is. I love a flirty skirt as much as the next gal but when you're a bit thick around the middle (like I am), then you don't need extra fabric gathered into the waist there.

Allison Demarcus
I love this kind of long fringe. This whole look is such a lot of fun with the openworked neckline, super-long fringe, cute sandals, and breezy hair. She looks like she's having (or is about to have) a good time.

Diana DeGarmo
This sort of looks like a prom dress. It's pretty, and I like the embellishment on the bodice, but the colour is a bit too young for her and does her colouring no real favours.

Reba McEntire
This is a lovely silhouette for many women and it definitely works for her. The colour isn't all that flattering on her, however. And maybe it's time to find a new hairstyle.  

Shawna Thompson
This dress is really something. It's a little bit bridal but there's something about the flame shapes on the lower skirt that give it a harder edge. 

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manchester fat acceptance said...

Meghan Linsey looks like i do in certain types of gathered-waist dresses (i share the pear shape). it is exacerbated by height - taller pear-shaped people seem to look a little better in these styles, but i can't wear 1950s dresses for example. i wonder if Meghan Linsey is short?

i really want to hate Juliane Hough's dress, but i can't bring myself to dislike it. i gotta disagree - i actually also like Jennette McCurdy's dress.

AnnaSophia Robb does look beautiful! and Taylor Swift does look so lovely too

Sunny Sweeney's hair stripeslook sorta cool to me. heh.