Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oncologist and CT scan results

My posts are still up on the thief's site so I'll have to take the next step. Sigh. I hadn't wanted to do that because it's energy on my part that I don't want to spend. But since my posts are mine and copyrighted to me I have to protect them. Maybe I'll get lucky and this particular post won't be copied and pasted. Yeah, and pigs fly, right?

I'd like to get in touch with the person who first contacted me and who's also been affected by this thief so that we can possibly coordinate our efforts. I tried to contact him by email on his site but I didn't get an answer so maybe I'll leave a comment on his blog.

I saw my oncologist yesterday and everything is still stable. Yippee! The CT scan showed that my mediastinal nodes have all returned to normal size. They're the lymph nodes that were enlarged last year that turned out to be enlarged due to sarcoidosis and not cancer. The fact that all those nodes are back to normal size is a great thing and hopefully it means that the sarcoidosis is stable just like the cancer.

The CT scan showed no other areas of interest. Yay! My tumour marker was 38 which is well within my normal range. My oncologist and I decided that because my metastatic cancer is still so minimal (involving just the one bone), I can see her every three months instead of every two. I'll also have my annual bone scan in August.

I talked to my oncologist about the pain I'm having in my right side below/behind/under my right ribcage. I don't know exactly where the pain is but it's inside my right ribcage, sort of. She figures the pain is bowel-related since my liver is clear. I was thinking that the pain might be due to my gallbladder because my sister had hers out some years ago, but my pain doesn't fit with the symptoms or the symptoms my sister had.

I suppose I should see a doctor about that pain since looking back at my old blog entries, it seems that I've had the pain for a year or so now. Having had life-long constipation and constipation due to my pain medication I wouldn't be surprised if there's something wrong there. I'm not going to worry about it much right now.


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