Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lego isn't just for kids anymore

This weekend is all rainy and cold - a far cry from the balmy temperatures we had last week. Last weekend we were outside walking, barbequing, and enjoying the summery temperatures. The cold and damp make me want to just curl up in front of a fire with the laptop or a book (or a kindle) or something. Instead of just sitting around, however, we put together a lego model of a backhoe loader.

Normally we wouldn't build ourselves a Lego model (our last collaborations were some 3-D Star Wars models and that was some time ago), but over at Ian's work they're doing a kind of robotics competition involving Lego. It's basically a simulated First Lego League competition, I think. Ian's meeting with his team tomorrow to work on their project and he'd wanted to get a sense of how the pieces went together and stuff.

When I was little (oh so long ago), the lego I played with came in blocks that fit into each other. Sometimes there were thin blocks, sometimes whole flat blocks, sometimes arch blocks, but they were all blocks. Lego is way more complicated now. There are pins and axles and gears and a whole host of things that a person could use to build a mechanical thing. It's amazing what can be built with Lego nowadays. I'm looking forward to seeing what Ian's team comes up with as their project.

My last post wasn't copied and pasted over to the other blog, which I hope is a good sign. The other posts on that site weren't deleted, however, so I guess I'll have to take some extra steps to finish it off. Since it's supposed to be rainy again tomorrow, I know that I'll want to just sit in front of the fire with the laptop so I'll spend some time figuring out what I need to do then.

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