Sunday, April 17, 2011

A federal election rant

Have I mentioned how much I hate the political ads the parties are showing on tv? No? Well, then.

Before the election was even called there were ads from the Conservative party against Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal party. Now the NDP are showing the same types of ads.

There are actual issues facing this country. Like ethics (or the lack thereof shown by various members of the conservative party). Or the economy, which has been affected by the global economic recession. Or our foreign policy, like our policy regarding Libya or Afghanistan. Or the environment.

But instead of talking about and focusing on these and other issues, the members of the political parties are conducting silly smear campaigns against each other. This is ridiculous. Very few people really wanted to have another election so soon after the last one and it seems that the parties feel the same way, but does that mean that they have to make a mockery of the process?

So much money is being spent on this election and on these silly ads and it's all such a waste.

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Kimberly said...

I have a theory on the negative campaigning, at least for the Conservatives. It reduces voter turnout. In the 2006 Election, the Conservatives got more votes, but with reduced turnout in 2008, despite getting more than 150,000 LESS votes, they got a higher percentage of the vote. If people get disgusted and stay at home, the party benefits. If you liked the commercial with the Harper voice over--I think it's gone. You see, they neglected to request the rights to the hockey footage, which is owned by the veteran players who never license it for political purposes.