Sunday, May 01, 2011

Gardening is hard work

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that we decided to spend the entire afternoon out in the garden. Ian finished the back lawn and I managed to get the major flower bed weeded and trimmed and cleaned up. We definitely made an impact on the backyard.

Of course that impact comes at a price. It was very sunny out and my top rode up on my back a bit while I was kneeling there weeding and clipping and cleaning up. I kind of knew that it was happening but when Ian was putting on sunscreen to protect his skin I figured that I would be ok.

It seems like every time I think that something will be ok... it isn't. It wasn't ok this time, either. I have an asymmetric open smile burn just below my waist on my high hip extending from side to side. It's kind of in the tramp stamp position. This is skin that's never been burned before so it's quite tender.

As well as being burned, my back, bum, and legs are quite sore so I'm hobbling around today. Normally a hot bath would take care of those muscles but there's no way that I can sit in a hot bath with the sunburn. I'd massage the muscles in my lower back that hurt the most but they're right underneath the sunburn. Good one, huh?

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Robin said...

As someone who has done a fair bit of gardening resulting in burns, I recommend Aloe Vera lotion with the highest percentage of AV possible. It keeps the skin supple so it doesn't itch as much or burn as much.

Hope you feel better soon :)