Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny left you lots of yummy chocolates and eggs. The Easter Bunny found us even though we were in Mississauga - that Easter Bunny is pretty smart :)

We had a delicious eggs benedict and asparagus breakfast this morning. I've definitely eaten a lot of food this weekend so I'm fat and happy. I had a wonderful weekend at Ian's parent's house relaxing (and eating) and catching up. We don't get to visit as often as we used to and I miss seeing them. Plus when we're there we get to pick their very knowledgeable brains to get advice on our garden - especially with what needs to be done now, as well as flower choices - and getting more birds into our yard.

When we got home it was so nice out that we went out into the garden and started clearing out last year's growth. Many of our backyard plants are perennials and are starting to come up but we need to clear out last year's plants. We have several sweet pea plants along one of our gates as well as some other kind of vine and those are clear now.

We also cut down the tall grasses that are in one corner of the yard so that there's light and room for the new growth. I like those grasses, even when they're dead, because they give us privacy. Without those grasses there, our next-door neighbours and people in the park on the other side of our yard can see right into our side yard. I hope these grasses grow quickly.

If it's nice tomorrow we'll try and get more of the yard done. If it isn't nice (or when we get tired of doing yardwork), we'll do a bit of shopping. We'd like to find some pots and flowers for the front porch and some patio furniture for the backyard but that stuff doesn't just fall from the sky. I can also see myself spending some time outside taking care of our garden so I hope I end up liking this kind of work because we have a big backyard and garden.

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