Friday, April 01, 2011

Dinner with friends

To celebrate a friend's birthday we went out with a group of friends for Indian food at Masala Bay. Ian ordered for everyone because he remembers the dishes that we all like and he's better at figuring out how much food should be ordered. Who knew that he was so capable? You'd almost think he was an adult or something.

The food was as good as I remember and the group of us ate almost all of it. We ordered one dish per person which usually ends up to be a bit too much food but we had some big eaters with us. I ate way more than I should have and I left feeling very full.

I love spending time with these friends and it's been a very long time since we went out for dinner with them. We used to go out for dinner after curling every Friday night but none of curl on that night now. We go to their place for movies once in a while and I like that but I do miss hanging out and talking with them over dinner.

The rest of the group went out for drinks afterwards but that's not our style so we came home. Back in the day I loved to go out to pubs and bars but that's not so much my idea of fun now. I think I'm getting old (or my hearing is, anyways) because I have trouble hearing one conversation when there are a lot of people talking and making noise. After I while I end up feeling like I'm overwhelmed by the noise and I feel physically uncomfortable.

I had a great time at dinner and I'm happy we went out.

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Stephanie said...

We decided we were too old too and ended up going out for coffee and gellato. Yummy!