Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy visiting day

I had a wonderful day visiting with a friend of mine. She moved out of the area to go to school and although we've tried to get together, our schedules just didn't connect. Today she came here and we spent the bulk of the day together.

After showing her around the house and yard and chatting in our living room, we went out for lunch. We'd wanted to go to The Raintree Cafe but they were full so we went to Rude Native instead. It used to be an ok restaurant but their lunch menu is not what they were. I had the burger, which was supposed to come with brie, bacon, mushrooms, and an aioli. I don't like mushrooms so I ordered the burger without any and for some reason, without checking with me, the chef put a lot of lightly sauteed onions on the burger.

I took one bite, and then another, and then I scraped all of the onions off. I tried to eat the burger after that but the almost-raw onion flavour had got into the brie and it tasted really awful. Had the onions been caramelized I think it would have worked but the slimy, almost-raw onions with the brie were disgusting.

Fortunately, a manager was coming over to check on our experience just as I was scraping off the onions so my displeasure wasn't unnoticed. She was very apologetic and gave me half-off my meal. She also talked to the chef and found out that he had made the decision to put onions on the burger on his own; I hope that he won't do that again. Sauteed mushrooms cannot be replaced by lightly sauteed onions.

Since I didn't finish my meal I wasn't anywhere near full, so my friend and I decided to have some dessert. We went to Symposium, our usual dessert place, and had some very yummy desserts. Unfortunately, there was only one wait-person on duty while we were there and it was busy. The table of three hot girls managed to be seated, served, and gone between the time we got our dessert and left. Sadly, we didn't receive any attention from the waiter in that time because the other tables (especially the three hot girls) demanded his attention.

At least the company made up for the rather disappointing dining experiences. My friend and I talked and talked and talked and talked and I know that I had a great time and was so happy to see her and spend time with her. If I hadn't needed a rest before metalsmithing, I'd have loved it if she stayed longer but I was quite tired. I hope that we'll be able to get together again this summer.

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