Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden work continues... and another friend gone

Gardening is hard work - my legs and butt are definitely feeling yesterday's work and I'm moving really slowly today. Once I get going, I'm ok, but getting going takes a while.

We did more work in the garden today clearing out last year's dead growth. We have hostas practically everywhere, it seems, and they're starting to come up now. The ones who got the old stuff cleared away should be much happier now. There's so much more to do! There aren't that many annual plants out there but we need to clear away all of those, too, to make room for whatever we'll put in their places/

We also went down to a nearby nursery and garden center and picked up some herbs and a quite a few pepper plants to try to grow ourselves. We don't know how successful we'll be but we wanted to try. We think the peppers will grow happily in the greenhouse and that the herbs will be happy up there until it's warm enough to put them by the patio door, where they'll get full sun.

While I did all of this stuff this afternoon, I was (and still am) feeling sad. A friend that I met last year died this past weekend. I didn't even know that she was doing badly, and I feel terrible about that. She lived in British Columbia and she was a professor (in communications, I think) at a university there. She was so bubbly and happy and so strong and I admired her. When I read that she had died, I felt like I'd been hit in the stomach. I hope she was pain-free at the end and that her passing was peaceful. I'll miss her terribly.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

(((hugs about your friend))). what sad news.

glad to read you're having fun in the garden though!