Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New windows

We got new basement windows and a new patio door. Apprently the exteriors of these windows are self-cleaning. Last night we had to move everything away from the windows and doors, and so our living room was (and is) quite a mess. The company that installed them had installed the other ground-floor windows last year. They weren't very tidy; I had expected that a company that installs windows might clean them after installing them. Perhaps my expectations are too high :) They do have to install the same windows on all 11 units, so I guess they're busy. Either way, we'll have to clean the windows before putting the drapes back up.

Hopefully the property management company will actually paint the window frames this year. They were supposed to paint them a few weeks after the windows were installed last year, and then never did it. I'd like to not have bare wood frames :)

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