Monday, July 03, 2006

Shopping fun

It was hot and humid today, and so Vicki and I worked to stay in places that were air-conditioned (which means that we went shopping). We spent most of our time at Winners, but didn't buy very much today. When we got home, I dyed my hair - it's now a darker reddish brown, which I like better than the light brown/dark blonde.

The hospital called about the abdominal ultrasound. There's no way that they can get me in earlier than the 17th, but they said that they'd call with the results... or if I didn't hear anything by the 24th that I could call and get the results. At least I'll still get the bone scan results on the 13th, and don't have to wait until August 15 (which is when I see the oncologist) for the ultrasound results.

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