Monday, July 24, 2006

Finished some sewing

I finally finished the blazer I've been working on. I've got to wash it and then I'll take some photos and post them (of this and the other things I've sewn recently). I'm pleased with the jacket - construction-wise, I think it turned out quite well, and it seems to fit pretty well, too. That's kind of a first for me, because I made the pattern adjustments without making a trial garment first. I got the pattern out of my Burda pattern magazine, and I think I may have finally figured out the adjustments I have to make for those patterns.

The jacket is kind of a weird colour, though, and so it doesn't really go with anything else that I have. Therefore, I have to make a skirt or two that'll coordinate with it. I have a skirt pattern that I've prepared, but I don't have quite enough fabric in the colour I'd chosen. I'll go fabric shopping tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find something that I like.

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